Long-Term client asks markitplace for help overcoming complex fulfillment challenges

An invitation to a new industry

Pathway to Victory (PTV) is a Ministry that broadcasts on over 900 radio stations and have an internationally broadcasted television network. They have a strong digital media presence on all the major platforms and have strong desire to provide resources to their audience which mostly come in printed form. From books to direct mail, to magazines, to variable high-end printing, they need providers who can cover the spectrum.


PTVs longstanding relationship with Markitplace was established, and is maintained through their bidding process, and is also informed by their extensive knowledge of the printing process, and what can be done feasibly to set them apart from other ministries. As a self-publisher, they oversee all facets of the creation and distribution of the book resources they offer to their audience. Markitplace was not only producing books for them but was also producing and mailing the campaigns that promoted them.

The success of the direct mail campaigns was such that they could no longer keep up with demand internally, so they started the search for a fulfillment company. In 2021, after a year-long search, they approached Markitplace, their long-time print partner, about the possibility of integrating a fulfillment system. Their rationale: if Markitplace approaches fulfillment with the same attention to detail and customer service as they give to their print division, they would need to look no further.


Partnering with Markitplace LLC

Markitplace expanded its operations and opened its warehouse in Carrollton, TX, and serves not only PTV, but a host of other clients who need a fulfillment partner that cares as much about their products, and their company image as they do.

By applying our conscientious and aggressive approach to customer service, we opened the door to an expanded relationship with the client while solving a host of their challenges from print to warehousing and ditribution.


We created an ecosystem for PTV that prints their resources, prints and distributes national direct mail campaigns that promote those resources. Then as orders come in through the PTV website, by email, through the postal service, or from the phone, Markitplace fulfills the orders the same day, and sends each user a confirmation email with tracking. All fully automated.

Key Benefits Realized
  1. PTV is able to leverage their print spend to get reduced fulfillment and storage rates.
  2. PTV has Markitplace as a single point of contact to plan marketing and operational campaigns. Markitplace has become a part of daily operations and is a key part of their planning process.
  3. In Markitplace, PTV has a team of advocates who share their insistence upon excellence.
  4. As ministries are supported solely by donations, they must demonstrate that principles of good stewardship are maintained. Because of their partnership with Markitplace, PTV is able to report with confidence that the increases they’re seeing in ministry are all being made possible while maintaining a strict adherence to principles of fiscal responsibility.

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